Marketing Vs Advertising: What’s The Difference

Marketing Vs Advertising: What’s The Difference

Even though the common man uses marketing and advertising synonymous to one another, they are different in many aspects. They even share the same objective: alerting products to consumers and items being sold.

What is Marketing?

The process of designing, creating, researching and data mining how to best orient the product or service in the mind of the target audience. The aim of marketing is to make the product look better than it actually is to the people who may buy it.

How To Market

Marketing primarily involves a lot of research and analysis. The marketing team of a company should be able to best influence the audience with creative language, novel ideas and eye-catching content. Marketing strategies depend on 4 main factors nicknamed the 4 P’s : product, place, price and promotion.

The aim of the marketing department is to express what kind of people should use this product, what kind of environment is suited for the product and what medium should be used to do so. The medium is important because it sets the tone and personality of the product as well. Right pricing and distribution methods are also important jobs of the marketing team.

What is Advertising?


Advertising is simply making the product more visible to the public. It is the decorated portrayal of the product or service to the world. An advertisement or advertising campaign creates a unique position for the product in media and the market. Using timely advertising strategies can help boost the visibility of the product.

How Advertising Works

Advertising is how companies get people to talk about their product or products. It is done by creating a campaign to project the product as much as possible into the minds of the target audience. A great advertising campaign, if done right, can produce a hype for the product in society.

For example, if the product is a phone from a particular company, it will most likely be advertised on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. They may also have accounts for the same on each of these platforms. If the product is targeted at an older generation, it will most likely be advertised using television, radio and posters. Usually any product today is advertised using a mix of these two elements.



Even though marketing and advertising are different, they have many similarities as well. The main reason marketing is confused with advertising is because the latter is an element, or a component of the former. Advertising is a specific step in marketing and is used only when required and when the time is right.

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